Library’s co-founder launches investment arm with footballer Chris Smalling

Library’s co-founder launches investment arm with footballer Chris Smalling

We’re delighted to share that our Co-founder and Director Rebecca Wheeler was in the news last week following the exciting launch of ForGood, a venture capital consultancy that invests in planet-friendly startups.

Check out a few of the articles here, including The Times, Green Queen and Food Matters Live to name a few!

It all began when Chris and Rebecca met through the work we do at Library – working across campaigns for plant-based and purpose-driven food, drink, and lifestyle brands. We introduced him to impactful brands, started investing in them, and were then inspired to build Chris’ journey into a business.

Here’s what Rebecca told us following the exciting launch:

“ForGood is an extension of everything we do at Library – taking brands to the next level. Working alongside Chris and Sebastiano, we’re excited about backing businesses we’re passionate about and know will shake up and change how consumers behave in a more sustainable and thoughtful way, hopefully ‘for good’. We’ve created an investment company like no other, bringing something different to the table – from our Changemakers network, team track record and unrivalled industry expertise, we can’t wait to share ForGood with the world!”

Cheers to ForGood! :clinking_glasses:


Chris Smalling

Rebecca Wheeler

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni

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