How to Create Killer Content for Amazon!

January 4, 2024
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You could argue that selling products on Amazon is a ‘do it and forget it’ situation. It’s one of the biggest online retailers, so while you can be quietly confident that a simple targeted search (with the right keywords) will see your products being found and hopefully purchased, brands can certainly do more creatively to promote products and trigger that consumer buying mode.

In walks…product videos! They are a key element in video marketing and can be extremely beneficial in selling products on Amazon. Amazon is ‘ready to receive’ with video sections on every product page, making it easy for brands to upload with ease.

Sound daunting? Doesn’t need to be complicated, just slick and high quality. We’ve created a quick ‘how to’ to help optimise your Amazon listings :

Why are product videos a great way to showcase your brand on Amazon?

Simple! Video drives sales – especially product videos! PV’s (you can work that one out surely?!) give consumers a deeper insight into the product, which helps inform buying decisions and speeds up the purchase process. They can show off the finer details and/or functions of products which trigger an emotional response aka…the ‘BUY NOW’ button. Not only that, but product videos on Amazon help to rank higher in search results. If you’re not already using videos within your Amazon listings, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

How to do it well?

First things first! Figure out what video you want to create. There are a few different options that all have their own benefits, eg; video that shows the product in use, unboxing video, comparison videos comparing your product to similar. Choose, plan, script and film.

Once production is complete, post production is where your video is brought to life. That could be graphics, special effects, music or voice overs – this is the time to overlay your brand. Editing finished, upload to Amazon – Amazon even host the content for you. No sending you off to vimeo – we’re talking to you google!

Some simple tips are:

Keep it short and sweet – When it comes to video length, less is definitely more. In fact, the sweet spot is around 2 minutes. Any longer and you risk losing viewers attention. On the flip side you need it to be long enough to get the USP’s of the product across without feeling rushed. There’s an art to that!

Invest in quality – It’s important to invest in quality video production, with the right partner it doesn’t have to break the budget. We have an in-house crew so styling, production, professional equipment, editing etc is part of the parcel.

Show, don’t tell – Some say (us!) a video is worth a thousand words. So instead of trying to describe your product in detail, show the viewer what it can do, through product demo’s, customer testimonials, or footage of the product in use. We work with a lots of food brands, so the slightly cringy saying ‘think food porn’ is used often – but don’t tell anyone!

Optimise for search – Just like other form content, brands need to invest time in optimising your Amazon videos for search. Includes relevant keywords in title and description, as well as tagging the videos with key phases that will reach targeted consumers.

Promote, Promote, Promote – Once the video is live, brands must ensure they include this content back into the content loop. Use it cross channel, depending on relevance, social, paid, onsite, email – modulise it for reuse over and over. Depending on your e-commerce set up, link back to the Amazon listing where you can (if this doesn’t create a issue with your native sales strategy). Following these tips,brands can create multi modular video that are optimised for Amazon sales but are utilised elsewhere.

At Library, we have the in-house capacity to help you and your brand produce amazing product videos for Amazon and beyond. On average our partners saw an increase of 30% in sales when our videos were added to listings. Time to invest? We think so!

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