Is the OXO cube the perfect packaging design?

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OXO packaging

No excess packaging and fully recyclable

Is the OXO cube the perfect example of packaging design that can’t be improved upon? A solid cube (although they are now 3D X’s to aid crumbling), stacked and packed in boxes of 12, no excess packaging and fully recyclable. Bold colours with a large three letter logo filling the space. No serving suggestions, no claims or extra imagery of any kind. The latest designs have one letter per side, but with a brand this recognisable that only makes the logo larger.

Facing, as I was reliably informed during a stint at a supermarket in my teens, is the process of bringing all the products on the shelf to the front with the logos facing in the same direction, I’d imagine a game of naughts and crosses for late night shelf stackers would ensue. So if a design has reached it’s zenith, what next? There is always scope to improve the brand environment and positioning. Take another look at competitors and analyse any threats, keep up to date with trends in the sector and always be one step ahead with future forecasting. The life of a brand is dictated not only by it’s appeal now, but how it copes with an unknown future, and that’s why even the most established brands need to constantly evolve.

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