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Lovely Biona. So damn tasty and dripping with organic loveliness. They wanted us to share their story with the whole world. So we whipped their packaging into glorious shapes, developed a social strategy, fashioned some wonderful foody film content and grew their community by thousands each month, a year on year rise of 200%. And we’re still happily doing it.

Biona Recipe Photography

Biona Pancakes



We devise, create and execute all content in-house to a faultless level. We’re perfectionists and as you can see our food styling is top-notch.


We plan, schedule and manage Biona’s social content, crafting expert copy with a tone of voice that keeps the community coming back for more.

Natasha Corrett - Influencer



Working closely with on trend micro and macro foodie influencers such as Natasha Corrett is a key part of our brand engagement strategy.

Brand Partnerships

Each quarter we partner with a leading organic brand such as Riverford to build content, co-promotion and support the organic food industry.


Riverford Logo

Biona Kitchen

Our monthly Biona Kitchen series showcases our beautifully filmed recipe content which consistently drives high engagement and sharing.


We’ve worked with Biona on many products over the years, from re-designing existing ranges to creating brand-new ones. We are pleased our help creatively is rewarded with great client and customer feedback as well as free samples!

Biona Packaging Design

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