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Building a Cacao Community

Brand / Content / Social / Influencer Marketing / Brand Partnerships

The world’s greatest chocolate we reckon. We’re so busy planning and looking after Ombar’s social content, community management and influencer programme these days, we’ve barely got time to eat their amazing chocolate. Which is a major problem. That’s why we introduced chocolate breaks in the studio. I’m on one now. Coconut & vanilla centre anyone? Mmmm.

Social Media

We plan, schedule and manage Ombar’s social content, crafting expert copy with a chocolatey tone of voice that keeps the community satisfied.

Brand Partnerships

Each quarter we partner with a leading brand to build content, co-promotion and support the independent organic industry.

Creative Team

Our in-house team, create, style, film and taste unique content each month to keep Ombar’s growing audience informed and engaged.

Influencer marketing

We get bars in the hands of chocolate lovers, bloggers and Influencers, so they can help spread the feel good Ombar story.

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