The 5 Rules of Storydoing

The 5 Rules
of Storydoing


Ensure your story is your business.
Your story must connect to the heart of your business, ideally it will be the beating heart of the business. Authenticity is crucial, don’t fake it.

Live your story and be the hero.
Every hero is on a quest, so should you be. Bring your hero’s journey to life and encourage your customers to join you on the journey by giving them something worth fighting for. And know who your villains are. Every story needs a baddie.

Ensure that your story connects across the culture of the business.
Your culture is your brand, which means every consumer touchpoint must be joined up inside and out. If people within your business don’t understand and live the story, then those outside it won’t either.

Build REAL content – relevant, engaging, action oriented, lasting.
Make your content count. Likes and comments aren’t success. Sharing is always the goal. Video rather than stills. Short rather than long. Active not passive.


Show your passion for what you believe in and value.

Be bold. Be inspiring. Be colourful. Be human.

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