Tiktok Marketing Trends for Brands in 2023

TikTok Marketing Trends for Brands in 2023

With the New Year just round the corner and challenging economic headwinds in place, marketing planning for 2023 is inevitably focussed on ensuring that budgets deliver the maximum return. For CMOs, founders and brand managers, Tiktok presents a rapidly growing and algorithmically friendly channel with a ton of creative ways to engage with an untapped audience. As Meta continues to struggle, we expect Tiktok to take a significant market share in 2023.

With over 800 million active users worldwide, Tiktok’s rapid growth beyond its original youth audience makes it an unignorable activation channel. We’ve seen a significant  increase in our brand partners beginning to use Tiktok as an integral part of their marketing strategies for 2023.  With channel and audience migration at an all time high, Tiktok gives you access to a huge audience with a small amount of effort, clever tactics and a creative approach.

Now is the time to understand which Tiktok marketing trends are going to be huge, which trends will continue and which are done and dusted. Here’s the 2023 low-down:

1.  Increased use of Influencers

Influencer marketing is still in its infancy on Tiktok meaning algorithms are on your side and influencers are reporting higher engagement rates when compared to Meta’s platforms. As Tiktok is UGC focussed with relatability and authenticity at its core, influencer content can be optimised in a variety of ways, with some clever editing and the use of SparkAds, an ad format allowing original content featuring your products to be boosted with the poster’s permission. You can also get more ‘bang for your buck’ compared to Meta, reducing budget waste.

More and more Meta influencers are migrating to Tiktok and taking their audiences with them or building new ones all together.  If influencer marketing on Tiktok is not on your radar yet, this is definitely the year to board the train and make the most of the great opportunity it currently delivers, as this will likely change quickly as part of platform evolution.


2. More Creative Content.

Tiktok is all about creativity, so it goes hand in hand that brands would continue to innovate their content to be more and more creative.

We expect to see brands experiment with newer formats, such as short-form content, live streams and even AR to stand out against the competition and capture their audiences.  Tiktok is continually evolving, allowing for creative innovation from its creators. If your brand isn’t afraid to experiment, then you could see phenomenal results from your TikTok marketing in 2023.

3. More Interactive Content.

Alongside creativity, brands will also need to create more interactive content in 2023. Tiktok users are known for being highly engaged, so brands that create content that encourages users to interact are more likely to outperform the competition.

Interactions lead new viewers to your content directly.  Through duets or stitches (plus new feature innovations), a user’s audience can click back to your profile, enabling them to follow you and view previous content. Giving content CTAs will help users know you’d like them to interact.  These features allow users to record themselves reacting to content or trying a trend for themselves – a great way to increase engagement and brand awareness.

4. Increased Use of Paid Advertising

We touched on this at the beginning of this article, but it’s worth a title of its own as it’s a major trend prediction for 2023.  As the platform continues to grow in popularity, we will see more brands willing to invest in the platform to reach target audiences.  Paid advertising + Tiktok will become your new BFF (or best friend for now at least!).

It may seem like paid ads are served frequently when scrolling through your ForYou page, but they are more than often covertly plotted to fit in with other content, which means there is a higher chance of users watching a Paid Ad thinking it’s UGC. Influencer content can be repurposed with clever editing and the use of SparkAd format to feed into this, creating the authenticity users demand. The algorithms are still currently very user friendly making it easier for brands to reach follower numbers and increase visibility.

Make sure you follow the trends…

As a Creative Content agency we’ll help you ensure your brand is engaged with the current Tiktok marketing trends by integrating it with your overall content strategy. We’ll work with you to create content that is creative, interactive & engaging; we’ll help you identify influencers that are the right fit for your brand and help create paid advertising campaigns that will reach your target audience and really make the most of this exciting channel marketing opportunity in 2023.


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